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SRK || dorky sipsip watching drama unfol
ive made it to another year
and im glad time doesn't stay still
im maturing, moving forward
slowly and steadily

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SRK || dorky sipsip watching drama unfol
so last year I had my life flip upside down
and it was a really hard year
and sometimes it was hard to stay strong, to stay focused on what's important
but I made it this far
and I'm not letting anything stop me now

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Sparta kook inciting fear in commoners
finally finally home.
ugh its been so long.

Well snap
Gwangsoo || dance machine
Today I found $200 from my Eid money I lost back in august.

awwwww yeah

suddenly $200 richer.

brb buying things I will never need

NO but in all seriousness. I need a new phone, (current one dropped in mango juice, never recovered. Wasn't even tasty mango juice, otherwise it wouldn't have spilled because I would have finished it) and this is just perfect. Anyone know any good smart phones? I'm totally willing to put up another hundred or so for a seriously sturdy model.

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SRK || dorky sipsip watching drama unfol
I've been deathly ill for the past 5 days. Ridiculous. I even skipped orgo because my fever was rising and I was like "fuck if I don't leave now I'll never make it home."

Hardly any better, but mom is going to make me get out of bed anyways. Especially since I was crying so hard over the Hobbit trailer that she woke up. At 5 in the morning. I also have truckloads of work to do for school ugh. Mostly I'm just tired all the time, and I'm not surprised. It's like being tired is just part of my identity now. Meh, I don't mind.

brb suddenly have the urge to write qmi fanfic.

PS: how come I never get cool, hippie, humanity-loving art teachers? All of mine end up being pretentious assholes that love the sound of their own voice too much. I'm pretty sure my last photography teacher burned all my stuff when I wasn't looking, and this new prof doesn't seem like she spews rainbows either.


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SRK || dorky sipsip watching drama unfol
First bio class tomorrow...
and we have a quiz.

like whut even. ugh.

Also I may have to dissect cadavers this semester. puke.

lol wth?
SRK || dorky sipsip watching drama unfol
i really haven't posted since my birthday? oops.

supresssed depression and questioning of self-worthCollapse )
I know I'm in a rut right now, but I just want to figure out how to get out. I hate crying everyday because I can't figure out how the fuck to make myself a worthwhile person. I hate this. I hate this hate this hate this.

just had a mini heart attack
Sukjin || Sunflower <3
Was watching episode 65 (the episode Jihyo returns after being sick) of Running Man when Jihyo, Sukjin and the guest get left on the platform. The camera pans and suddenly Jihyo is slipping into Sukjin's jacket.

/SOB RUNNING MAN FAMILY WAE SO CUTE. Sukjin you adorable, precious, genuine little old man, looking out for your dongsaengs.

I honestly will never understand why people don't like him. He's so caring and loving and never bears grudges against anyone even though he always gets the short end of the stick on this show, like ALL THE TIME.

Ramadan Mubarak
Jihyo/Gwangsoo || forever mine
:) HERP DERP I was supposed to study for PCAT this month...

I got far. Not.

Finallyyyyyyyyyy getting a job in the fall. Shouldn't be too bad, seeing as how I'll only work fri/sat.

My friend is leaving for korea in two weeks. :( Bought her the cutest bento box + matching chopsticks and lots and lots of cute asian snacks. (lol I was fasting kay? I bought out like half the food in that store.)

Nad is leaaving for Indonesia this week and I'm like TAAAAAKEEEEEE MEEEE WITHHHHH YOUUUU PLZZZZ

WAE am I the only one stuck here for like the next 5 months? We MIGHT be going back to the home country in december but wth that's not a vacation, it's like slow torture. Mortified tbh.

and as always. I still have no idea what I'm doing, besides failing that is.

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Sakura || sad

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